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Transcending partisanship

As the halls of power around the world fall into ever increasing divisiveness, we easily get caught up in resentment or despondency. But there is an emerging dialogue growing in force, reminding us that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. Far beyond bipartisan transactional approaches of debate and compromise, this multi-stakeholder dialogue focuses on relationships and collaboration as the key to reaching higher ground. Here we the people bring forth a desperately needed, fresh approach to politicking, focused on wholeness and higher understanding.

Ballot options

New models of democracy

In an age of rapid innovation, there's no reason we need to limit ourselves to ailing methods from centuries past. If our leaders repeatedly fail to adequately resolve our problems, if people are mostly ignorant of who they are electing and why, we have to review our modus operandi. From apps that facilitate more conscious voting, to the ability to pass on your vote on a particular subject to an actual expert on the issue, to forums for parliamentarians on global issues like climate chaos, we empower all innovative approaches to building a new type of democracy.


Raising consciousness from the ground up

The leaders we elect often mirror and exacerbate our own impulsiveness, greed, fear and destructiveness. But as a critical mass of people begins to awaken to higher states of consciousness, it's not too much to expect that politicians too will employ more temperance and discernment, perhaps even learn to listen to the quiet voice of intuition, before making new laws. From instituting moments of silence and contact with nature, to offering training programs and mobilizing popular support for consciousness, this platform brings moments of awakening to the masses and their leaders.

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